Wynne-Jones, Grace

Grace Wynne-Jones
Grace Wynne-Jones

Grace Wynne-Jones was born and brought up in Ireland and has also lived in Africa, the US and England.

Her feature articles have appeared in many magazines and national papers in Ireland and in England, and her radio play Ebb Tide was broadcast on RTE 1.

Her short stores have been published in magazines in Ireland, England and Australia, and have also been broadcast on RTE and BBC Radio 4.

Her novels are Ordinary Miracles (Simon & Schuster/Pocket l997); Wise Follies (Simon & Schuster/Pocket 1998); Ready Or Not? (Tivoli, 2003); and The Truth Club (Tivoli 2005).

Ordinary Miracles has also been published in Germany and Ready Or Not? has been published in Russia and Indonesia.
She lives in Co Wicklow.

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