Weir, Anthony

Anthony Weir
Anthony Weir. Self Portrait as Oedipus. Image source
Anthony Weir was born in 1941.

His publications include Tide and Undertow (translations of poetry) (Belfast, Blackstaff Press, 1975); Early Ireland: A Field Guide (Blackstaff Press, 1980); Cinema of the Blind (poems) (Blackstaff Press,1981).
He founded non-profit Dissident Editions in 1994 and self-published Dispatches from the War Against the World (1994); The Transcendental Hotel (1997), amongst other works. Dissident Editions transferred to an open-access website in 2000. He has also written poems in Albanian and French. A selection is currently being translated into Russian for publication in St Petersburg.
Anthony Weir is also a painter and photographer, and lives in rustic seclusion in county Down.

Anthony Weir’s Dissident Editions titles are available free (apart from postage) from his website.

Anthony Weir at The National Library of Ireland