Walsh, Catherine

Catherine Walsh
Catherine Walsh. Author photo, Cork, 2004, by Tony Frazer. Image source shearsman.com

Catherine Walsh was born in Dublin in 1964.

Her poetry includes Macula (Dublin, Red Wheelbarrow Press, 1986); The Ca Pater Pillar Thing and More Besides (Dublin, hardPressed Poetry, 1986); Making Tents (hardPressed Poetry, 1987); Short Stories (UK, Twickenham and Wakefield, North & South, 1989); from Pitch (London, Form Books, 1993); Pitch (Durham, UK, Pig press, 1994); Idir Eatortha & Making Tents (London, Invisible Books, 1997); Etruscan Books Reader No 1 ( Devon, Etruscan Books, 1997); from City West (Vermont, Longhouse, 1997); and City West (Exeter, UK, Shearsman Books, Ltd, 2005).
She is founder and co-editor of hardPressed Poetry with Billy Mills, and lives in Limerick.

hardPressed Poetry
Catherine Walsh at Shearsman
Catherine Walsh at The National Library of Ireland