Tynan, Katherine

Katherine Tynan
Katherine Tynan. Image public domain

Katharine Tynan was born at Whitehall, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin in 1861.

She published many poetry collections include Louise de la Valliere and Other Poems (London, Kegan, Paul Trench, & Co., 1885); Shamrocks (Kegan, Paul Trench, & Co., 1887); Ballads & Lyrics (Keegan, Paul, 1891); New Poems (London, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1911); The Flower of Peace: A Collection of the Devotional Poetry of Katharine Tynan (London, Burns & Oates, 1914); Irish Poems ( Sidgwick & Jackson, 1914); Flower of Youth. Poems in wartime (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1915); Late Songs (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1917); and The Poems of Katharine Tynan (edited, with an introduction by Monk Gibbon, Dublin, Allen Figgis, 1963).

She published one hundred and five novels, twelve collections of short stories, three plays, and five volumes of reminiscence.

She revised The Cabinet of Irish Literature (4 volumes, 1902-05), and added a predominantly women’s volume. A life-long friend of Yeats, her work was marked by an unusual blend of Catholicism and feminism, and she later wrote many articles on poor children and women’s working conditions.

Her daughter, Pamela Hinkson (1900-1982) was also a writer.

She died in London in 1931.

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