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Peter Berresford Ellis
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Peter Tremayne is the fiction-writing pseudonym of the Celtic scholar and author Peter Berresford Ellis.
He was born in Coventry, Warwickshire, in England, on March 10, 1943. His father was a Cork-born journalist who started his career on the Cork Examiner.

A prolific writer, who also publishes under the pseudonym Peter MacAlan, he has published almost 80 books, 60 short stories, several pamphlets, and numerous academic papers and numerous signed articles.

Amongst his fiction books are The Hound of Frankenstein (London, Ventura Books, 1977); Dracula Unborn, Corgi/Bailey Bros, London, 1977/New York, Walker & Co, 1979); The Vengeance of She (London, Sphere Books, 1978); The Ants (London, Sphere Books, 1979/New York, Signet Books, 1980); The Curse of Loch Ness (Sphere Books, 1979); The Fires of Lan-Kern (Folkestone, UK, Bailey Bros, 1980/New York, St Martin’s, 1980); The Return of Raffles (London, Magnum/Methuen Books, 1981); The Morgow Rises! (Sphere Books, 1982); The Destroyers of Lan-Kern (London, Methuen, 1982); Snowbeast! (Sphere Books, 1983); Raven of Destiny (Methuen, 1984/New York, Signet Books, 1986); Kiss of the Cobra (Sphere Books, 1984); 19. Swamp! Sphere Books, London, 1984 (1st US edition from St Martin’s Press, (paperback) New York, 1989). Angelus! (Lodnon, Panther Books, 1985); Nicor! (Sphere Books, 1987); Trollnight (Sphere Books, 1987); My Lady of Hy Brasil and other Stories (Rhode Island, USA, Donald M. Grant Inc, 1987); Ravenmoon (Methuen, 1988/New York, Baen Books, 1988); Island of Shadows (Methuen/Mandarin, 1991); and Aisling and other Irish Tales of Terror (Tralee, Brandon Books, 1992).

He introduced and edited Irish Masters of Fantasy (Dublin, Wolfhound Press, 1979).

Amongst his many books as Peter Berresford Ellis are A History of the Irish Working Class (London, Victor Gollancz Ltd, 1972); James Connolly: Selected Writings. Edited with an introduction. (London, Pelican Books, Penguin Ltd., 1973/New York, Monthly Review Press, 1973); Hell or Connaught: The Cromwellian Colonisation of Ireland 1652-1660 (London, Hamish Hamilton, 1975/New York, St Martin’s Press, 1975); The Boyne Water: The Battle of the Boyne, 1690 (Hamish Hamilton, 1976/ St Martin’s Press, 1976); A Dictionary of Irish Mythology (London, Constable, 1987/Santa Barbara, California, ABC Clio, 1989); The Ancient World of the Celts (Constable, 1999/New York, Barnes & Noble, 1999); The Chronicles of the Celts: New tellings of their myths and legends (London, Robinson, 1999/New York, Carroll & Graf, 1999); Erin’s Blood Royal: The Gaelic Noble Dynasties of Ireland (Constable, 1999/[extensively revised and expanded] New York, Palgrave/St Martin’s, 2002); and Eyewitness to Irish History (New York, John Wiley & Sons Inc, 2004).

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