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Patrick Taylor
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Patrick Taylor was born in 1941 and brought up in Bangor, Co. Down.

His works of fiction include a short story collection, Only Wounded: Ulster Stories(Key Porter, 1997).
His novels are Pray for Us Sinners (Ontario, Insomniac Press, 2000); Now and in the Hour of Our Death (Insomniac Press, 2005): An Irish Country Doctor (New York, Tom Doherty and Associates /Dingle, Brandon Press 2007); An Irish Country Village (Tom Doherty and Associates,/Brandon Press, 2009); An Irish Country Christmas (Tom Doherty and Associates/Brandon Press, 2008); and An Irish Country Country Girl (Tom Doherty and Associates, 2010).

His works have been translated as novels or Readers Digest Select editions in 15 languages. An Irish Country Doctor was a Book of the Month Club Novel of the Month and a New York Times best seller. Country Doctor, Village, Christmas, and Girl have all been Globe and Mail Candian fiction best-sellers.
He became a physician in 1964 and an Ob/Gyn in 1969. He spent 37 years in Canada, 31 working in human infertility, teaching and carrying out research. More recently he lived for three years in Cootehall, County Roscommon and will return to British Columbia, Canada, in May 2010.

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