Lisa Frank

Frank, Lisa

Lisa Frank was born in Los Angeles but spent many years living in the Pacific Northwest before moving to Ireland in 2007. Her first publication, […]

John Walsh

Walsh, John

John Walsh was born in Derry in 1950. His poetry collections are Johnny tell Them (Derry, Guildhall Press, 2006); Love’s Enterprise Zone (Connemara, Doire Press, […]

Seán Haldane

Haldane, Seán

Seán Haldane was born in Sussex, England, of an Irish-Scots father and an English-German mother, in 1943. He grew up in Belfast. After university at […]

Dermot Bolger

Bolger, Dermot

Dermot Bolger was born in Finglas, North Dublin, in 1959. He founded Raven Arts Press, Dublin, where he was editor from 1979 to 1992. His […]

Pat Boran

Boran, Pat

Pat Boran was born in Portlaoise in 1963. His poetry collections are The Unwound Clock (Dublin, The Dedalus Press, 1990), which won the Patrick Kavanagh […]

Seamus Cashman

Cashman, Seamus

Seamus Cashman was born in Conna, Co Cork in 1943. His poetry collections are Carnival (Dublin, Monarchline, 1987); Clowns & Acrobats (Monarchline, Dublin, October, 1997); […]

Glenda Cimino

Cimino, Glenda

Glenda Cimino was born in Atlanta, and moved to Ireland in the early seventies. She has been editor of Beaver Row Press, publishing poets such […]

Desmond Egan

Egan, Desmond

Desmond Egan was born in Athlone, Co Westmeath in 1936. He founded the Goldsmith Press in 1972 and edited Era, the literary magazine. His collections […]

Peter Fallon

Fallon, Peter

Peter Fallon was born in Germany in 1951 and since 1957 has lived in Ireland. He founded The Gallery Press in 1970, and has edited […]

Randolph Healy

Healy, Randolph

Randolph Healy was born in Scotland in 1956, his family moving to Dublin eighteen months later. He has published 25 Poems (Dublin, The Beau Press, […]

Noel King

King, Noel

Noel King was born in 1964 in Tralee, Co Kerry. His poetry collection are Prophesying the Past (Cliffs of Moher, Salmon Poetry, 2010); and The […]

Thomas Kinsella

Kinsella, Thomas

Thomas Kinsella was born in Dublin in 1928. His many collections of poems include Poems (Dublin, The Dolmen Press, 1956); Another September (Dolmen, 1958); Downstream […]

Langan, Brian

Brian Langan was born in Dublin in 1969. His novel is Light in the Head (Dublin, Poolbeg, 1999). He works full-time as an editor for […]

Jessie Lendennie

Lendennie, Jessie

Jessie Lendennie was born in Arkansas the United States and has lived in Ireland since 1981. Her prose poem, Daughter, was published by Salmon (Co […]

J Ardle McCardle

McArdle, J. Ardle

J. Ardle McArdle was born in Dublin in 1934 and grew up in Monaghan. He published two novels, Closing Time (Dublin, Co-Op Books, 1982); and […]

Joan Newmann

Newmann, Joan

Joan Newmann was born in 1942. Originally from County Armagh, she was a member of the Philip Hobsbaum Belfast Group – which included James Simmons […]

Kate Newmann

Newmann, Kate

Kate Newmann was born in Co Down in 1965. Her poetry collection is The Blind Woman in the Blue House (Kilcar, Co Donegal, Summer Palace […]

Tony O'Dwyer

O’Dwyer, Tony

Tony O’Dwyer was born in Ennistymon, Co. Clare. His collection is Off Guard (Cork, Bradshaw Books, 2003). His awards include Samhlaiocht Chiarrai 1995 and 1997, […]

Michael Smith

Smith, Michael

Michael Smith was born in Dublin in 1942. He founded New Writers’ Press in 1967, which published Thomas McGreevy, Denis Devlin, Brian Coffey, and other […]