MacDermott, Karl

Karl MacDermott was born in Galway. An occasional performer, he appeared in his own one -man comedy play ‘Memoirs of a Midget’ in The Peacock on The Abbey Stage in 1989. Since then has written ext... Read More

Foley, Michael

Michael Foley was born Derry in 1947. His poetry collections are Heil Hitler (Portrush, Ulsterman Publications, 1969); The Acne and the Ecstasy (Ulsterman Publications, 1973); Through the Gateless Gat... Read More

Cullinan, Léan

Léan Cullinan (Léan Ní Chuilleanáin) was born in 1974 in Cambridge, UK, grew up in a distinguished literary family in Dublin, including Cormac Ó Cuilleanáin, who writes under the pen name Cormac... Read More

Doyle, Rob

Rob Doyle was born in Dublin. His first novel is Here Are the Young Men (Dublin, The Lilliput Press, 2014). His fiction, essays, and criticism have appeared in The Dublin Review, The Stinging Fly, Gor... Read More

Hopkin, Alannah

Alannah Hopkin’s novels are A Joke Goes a Long Way in the Country (London, Hamish Hamilton/New York, Atheneum, 1982); and The Out-haul (London, Hamish Hamilton, 1985). Her non-fiction includes T... Read More

Collins, Ciarán

Ciarán Collins was born in Cork in 1977 and grew up in the village of Innishannon, Co. Cork. His debut novel is The Gamal (London, Bloomsbury, 2013/New York, Bloomsbury, 2013). He lives in Kinsale wi... Read More

Murphy, David

David Murphy was born in Cork. A science-fiction writer, his first collection of stories was published as Lost Notes (Aeon Press, Dublin, 2004), which won the inaugural Maurice Walsh Memorial Award in... Read More

Monaghan, Alan

Alan Monaghan was born in Dublin in 1980. His novels are The Soldier’s Song (London, Pan MacMillan, 2010); The Soldier’s Return (Pan MacMillan, 2011); and The Soldier’s Farewell (Pan Mac... Read More

Alioth, Gabrielle

Gabrielle Alioth was born in 1955 in Basel, Switzerland, and emigrated to Ireland in 1984. Her novels are Der Narr ([The Fool], Zurich, Nagel & Kimche, 1990); Wie ein kostbarer Stein ([Like a Pre... Read More

Baker, Keith

Keith Baker is the author of contemporary thrillers, including Inheritance (London, Headline, 1996); Reckoning (Headline, 1998); Engram (Headline, 1999) and Lunenburg (Headline, 2000). Inheritance won... Read More

Binchy, Dan

Dan Binchy was born in County Limerick in 1940. His novels are The Neon Madonna (London, Century, 1991); The Last Resort (Century, 1992); Fireballs (London, Century, Random House, 1993); and Loopy: A ... Read More

Brennan, Maeve

Maeve Brennan was born in Dublin in 1917. Her father was Irish Ambassador to the United States and he brought his family there, including Maeve, in 1934. She settled in Manhattan and in 1949 joined th... Read More

Connolly, Kieron

Kieron Connolly was born in Tipperary in 1961. His novels are Watersign (Dublin, Marino Books, 2001); There is a House (Marino, 2003); and Harold (Dublin Jillbeck Books, 2010). He lives in Dublin. Kie... Read More

Cullen, Leo

Leo Cullen was born in Tipperary in 1949. He has published a collection of short stories, Clocking Ninety on the Road to Cloughjordan (Belfast, Blackstaff Press, 1994/Dufour, 1995); and a novel, Let&#... Read More

Daly, Ita

Ita Daly short stories are collected as The Lady with the Red Shoes (Dublin, Poolebeg, 1980). Her novels include Ellen (London, Jonathan Cape, 1986); A Singular Attraction (Jonathan Cape, 1987); Dange... Read More

Davison, Philip

Philip Davison was born in Dublin in 1957. His novels include The Book-Thief’s Heartbeat (Dublin, Co-Op Books, 1981); Twist and Shout (Dingle, Brandon Books, 1983); The Illustrator (Dublin, Wolfhoun... Read More

Dillon, Eilís

Eilís Dillon was born in Galway on 7 March 1920. Educated at the Ursuline Convent in Sligo, she married in 1940 and moved to Cork. From the mid-1940s she began to write children’s books in Ir... Read More

Dunleavy, J.P.

J.P. Donleavy was born in New York City in 1926 and came to Ireland following World War II. He is the author of eleven novels including The Ginger Man (Paris, Olympia Press, 1955); A Singular Man (Bos... Read More

Doyle, Mogue

Mogue Doyle was born in Co Wexford in 1945. His novels are Dancing with Minnie the Twig (London, Bantam Press, 2002); A Moth at the Glass (Bantam, 2004); Down a Road All Rebels Run (Bantam, 2005); and... Read More

Egan, Ann

Ann Egan was born in 1948 in Co Laois. Her collections are Landing the Sea (Cork, Bradshaw Books, 2003); and The Wren Women (Ballyclare, Co Antrim, The Black Mountain Press, 2003), which was dramatise... Read More