Sheridan, John Desmond

John D. Sheridan
John D. Sheridan. Image source
John Desmond Sheridan (John D. Sheridan) was born in 1903.

His novels include Vanishing Spring (Dublin, The Talbot Press/London: Rich ∓ Cowan, 1934); Paradise Alley (The Talbot Press, 1945); and The Magnificent MacDarney (The Talbot Press, 1949). His short fiction includes The Right Time (The Talbot Press, 1951/London, Dent 1952). His poetry includes Joe’ No Saint and Other Poems (Dublin, Gill, 1949); Stirabout Lane (The Talbot Press/ Dent 1955). Comic sketches, Here’s Their Memory (Dublin: Talbot 1941); and for children, Can’t Help Laughing (Dublin: Talbot 1944).

Best known for his humourous work, this genre includes I Laugh to Think (The Talbot Pres, 1946); It Stands to Reason: The Intelligent Rabbit’s Guide to Golf (The Talbot Press, 1947); Half in Earnest (The Talbot Press, 1948); My Hat Blew Off (The Talbot Press/Dent 1950); The Rest Is Silence (Dent 1953); While the Humour is On Me (The Talbot Press, 1954); Funnily Enough (The Talbot Press/Dent 1956); Bright Intervals (The Talbot Press/Dent 1958); God Made Little Apples (The Talbot Press/Dent 1964); Joking Apart (The Talbot Press/Dent 1964); and Include Me Out (The Talbot Press, 1967).

He also published a biography, James Clarence Mangan (The Talbot Press/London, Duckworth 1937).
I have been busy with words: The best of John D. Sheridan was published by Mercier Press in 1979; and a vinyl recording, The Humours of John D. Sheridan, was recorded by Gay Byrne (Dublin, RTÉ)

He died in 1980.

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