Shaughnessy, Lorna

Lorna Shaughnessy
Lorna Shaughnessy. Image source
Lorna Shaughnessy was born in Belfast.

Her poetry collections are Torching The Brown River (Cliffs of Moher, Salmon Poetry, 2008); and The Witness Tree (Salmon Poetry, 2011)

She has published two translations of contemporary Mexican poetry, Mother Tongue: Selected Poems by Pura López Colomé (Galway, Arlen House, 2007); and If We Have Lost our Oldest Tales by María Baranda (Arlen House, 2007).
Her academic titles include The Developing Poetic Philosophy of Pedro Salinas: A Study in Twentieth Century Spanish Poetry – La Reconquista De La Entereza Del Hombre (Ceredigion, UK/New York, Edwin Mellen Press, 1995).

She lectures in the Department of Spanish, NUI Galway, and lives in County Galway.

Lorna Shaughnessy at Salmon Poetry

Lorna Shaughnessy at The National Library of Ireland