Scully, Maurice

Maurice Scully was born in Dublin in 1952.

Maurice Scully
Maurice Scully. Author photo (Cork, 2004) by Tony Frazer

From 1981 – 2006 he was engaged on a single project, the 8-book Things That Happen, currently available in 4 vols as 5 Freedoms of Movement (Devon, etruscan books); Livelihood (Wicklow, Wild Honey Press); Sonata (London, Reality Street Editions); and Tig (Exeter, Shearsman Books).

Doing the Same in English, A Sampler of Work 1987-2008 was published by Dedalus Press in 2008, A Tour of the Lattice, a reconfiguration of Things That Happen, appeared from Veer Books in 2011. Humming and Several Dances, two new works independent of the Things That Happen project, appeared from Shearsman in 2009 and 2014 respectively. Various pamphlets from Pig Press, form books, Oystercatcher Press and hardPressed poetry have appeared over the years. An extensive interview with the author conducted and with an Introduction by Marthine Satris of Berkeley UC appeared in 2012 in Contemporary Literature, Vol 53, no 1.

Scully edited The Beau magazine and the Beau Press from 1981-1984 and managed The Beau Events during that period, a series of talks, readings and shows by painters, architects, composers,poets etc He also managed a seminal reading series in 1987, the Coelacanth Press Readings, featuring many UK avant-garde poets most of whom had never been invited to read in Ireland before.

He was the recipient of the Macaulay Fellowship in 1981 for his first book, Love Poems & Others, Bursaries in Literature (1986, 1988) and the Catherine and Patrick Kavanagh Fellowship in 2003.

A member of Aosdána, he lives in Dublin.

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Maurice Scully reads at SoundEye 2007

Maurice Scully at Dedalus Press

Maurice Scully at Shearsman Books

Maurice Scully at Poetry International

Maurice Scully at The National Library of Ireland