Scoltock, Jack

Jack Scoltock
Jack Scoltock. Image source

Jack Scoltock was born in Derry in 1942.

His novels for children are Quest Of The Royal Twins (Dublin, Wolfhound Press, 1988); Rumble In The Jungle (Wolfhound Press, 1989); Badger Beano And The Magic Mushroom (Wolfhound Press, 1990); Jeremy’s Adventure (Wolfhound Press, 1991); The Magic Sword (Wolfhound Press, 1992); Seek The Enchanted Antlers (Wolfhound Press, 1993); Justine’s Secret Challenge (Wolfhound Press, 1993); The Magic Harp (Wolfhound Press, 1994); The Sand Clocker (Wolfhound Press, 1995); We Own Laurentic (Northern Ireland, Impact Publishers, 2000); In The Shadow Of The Oak (Derry, Long Tower Publications, 2003); and Patrick’s Gift (Swordpoint Intercontinental, 2006).

He lives in Derry.

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