Quinn, Niall

Niall Quinn was born in Dublin in 1943.
His novels are Brigitte (New York, Braziller Press, 1981); Voyovic (Dublin, Wolfhound Press, 1981); Rejection (Washington, Willow Springs Press, 1983); Stolen Air (Wolfhound Press, 1988; USA Dufour Editions, 1989); The Café Cong (Wolfhound Press, 1991); Welcome to Gomorrah (Wolfhound Press, 1995); and The Snake Oil Fellowship (US, L.A. Editions, 2001).
His one-act play Rejection was produced and directed by Amos Mocadi at the ACT-INN Theatre, Picadilly, London, in 1972.
He lives in Dublin.

Niall Quinn at The National Library of Ireland