Quarton, Marjorie

Marjorie Quarton was born in Nenagh, Co Tipperary in 1930.

Marjorie Quarton
Marjorie Quarton. Source: Facebook

Her novels include Corporal Jack (London, Collins, 1987); No Harp Like My Own (Collins, 1988); and Renegade (London, André Deutsch, 1991).

Her two volumes of memoirs are Breakfast The Night Before (André Deutsch, 1989); and Saturday’s Child (André Deutsch, 1993), both also published in an omnibus edition.

For children she has published The Cow Watched the Battle (Dublin, Poolebeg, 1990); and The Other Side of the Island (Poolebeg, 1991). She has published and edited several non-fiction titles, including standard works on dogs.

She is a member of PEN and lives near Nenagh.

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Marjorie Quarton at The National Library of Ireland

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  1. I am reading Breakfast The Night Before for the third or fourth time! Thank you! I enjoy it very much, and feel that I am a kindred spirit. I am addicted to horses and buying them!
    I have 13 of my own, and have lived and breathed horses all of my life. I always have to sell a horse or two so that I can buy another! I blame my Irish horsetrader gene! Other than Fitzpatrick, there are Gleasons, and Murphys in my family tree. I spend my days carriage driving pairs as much as possible. Today I was ground driving a Friesian in the snow, getting her used to sleigh bells as I was wishing I was sleighing, but did not want to hitch and have an accident through not being prepared. Best wishes. Adrienne

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