Payne, Basil

Basil Payne was born in Dublin on June 23, 1923.

Basil Payne
Basil Payne. photo

His collections include Sunlight on a Square (Dublin, John Augustin,1961); Love in the Afternoon (Gill and MacMillan, Dublin, 1971); Another Kind of Optimism (Gill and MacMillan, 1974); and Voyage à Deux (Geneva, Perret-Gentil, 1974 [French translation by Chantal Béal, preface by Pierre Emmanuel of the Académie Française]).

He has also written several radio plays, and prose.

In 1964 Basil Payne won a Guinness International poetry prize, followed by another Guinness International prize in 1966. He received the Governor’s Special Citation for unique contribution to the Arts in New Jersey, USA, in 1975.

He died in Dublin on January 6, 2011.

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