O’Neill, David Rory

David Rory O'Neill
David Rory O’Neill. Image source: author
David Rory O’Neill was born in Belfast.

His novels include The Daniel Series: Conflict (Sivermine Mountains, Tipperary, Davidrory Publishing, 2013); Challenge (Davidrory, 2013); Passion (Davidrory, 2013; Grip (Davidrory, 2013); Judgement (Davidrory, 2013); Pyramid (Davidrory, 2013); and Trial (Davidrory, 2013).

The West Cork Trilogy: Surviving Beauty (Davidrory, 2013); Beauty’s Price (Davidrory, 2013); Blue Sky Orphan (Davidrory, 2013).

The Prairie Companions (Davidrory, 2013).

Four Shorts: The Novella Omnibus (Davidrory, 2014).

The novella Skelleg Testament (Davidrory, 2014).

The Butterfly Effect Trilogy: Bonny (Davidrory, 2015); Lauren (Davidrory, 2015); and Chepi (Davidrory, 2017).
In eBook only:
The Adventures of Daniel, Lauren and Bonny. The Daniel series box set. 2017
The Novellas:
Animal. 2014. Leotie, Flower of the Prairie. 2014. Rachel’s Walk. 2016. Rachel’s War. 2016. Skelleg Testament. 2014.

He lives in Tipperary.