O’Hagan, Sheila

Sheila O’Hagan’s began writing in 1984 while studying at Birkbeck College, London University.

Shiela O'Hagan
Sheila O'Hagan. Image Salmon Poetry

In 1988 she won the Goldsmith Award for Poetry, and in 1990 returned to her native Dublin.

Her collections are The Peacock’s Eye (Salmon Publishing, 1992); The Troubled House (Salmon Publishing, 1995); and Along the Liffey: Poems & Short Stories (Salmon Poetry, 2009).

Her awards include The Goldsmith Award for Poetry, 1988; The Patrick Kavanagh Award, 1991; and The Hennessey/Sunday Tribune Award for New Irish Poet of the Year, 1992.

She lives in Dublin.

Sheila O’Hagan at Salmon Poetry

Sheila O’Hagan at The National Library of Ireland