O’Sullivan, Derry

Derry O’Sullivan was born in Cork in 1944.

Derry O'Sullivan portrait
Derry O'Sullivan. Portrait by Reginald Gray, 2000. Image public domain

A former student of Seán Ó Tuama, his poetry collections in Irish are Cá bhfuil do Iudás? (Dublin, Coscéim, 1987) winner of four Oireachtas poetry awards and the Sean O Riordáin Memorial Prize; Cá bhfuil Tiarna Talún l’Univers? (Coscéim, 1994); and An Lá go dTáinig Siad, Coscéim, 2005, a long poem about the Nazi occupation of Paris. His poems have been translated by Michael Davitt and others. His own work appears in translation in The King’s English (Paris, First Impressions, 1987); En Mal de Fleurs (Québec, Lèvres Urbaines, 1988), a suite of poems written directly in French; and

He made the first direct translation of the medieval Irish poem Cailleach Béara (The Hag of Beare) into French (in collaboration with Jean-Yves Bériou and Martine Joulia) as La Vieille Femme de Beare, bilingual edition, Paris, 1995.

He co-founded the annual Festival Franco-Anglais de Poésie.

A former Catholic priest, he teaches at the Sorbonne, the Institut Catholique and the Institut Supèrieur d’Eléctronique de Paris.

He lives in Paris.

Derry O’Sullivan at Coiscéim

Derry O’Sullivan at The National Library of Ireland