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John Moriarty
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John Moriarty was born in Kerry in 1938.

Sometime gardener, lecturer and broadcaster, in 1997 he hosted the RTÉ television series, The Blackbird and the Bell.

His books include Dreamtime (Dublin, The Lilliput Press, 1994); Nostos (The Lilliput Press, 2001); Turtle Was Gone a Long Time Volume One: Crossing the Kedron (The Lilliput Press, 1996); Turtle Was Gone a Long Time Volume Two: Horsehead Nebula Neighing (The Lilliput Press, 1997); Turtle Was Gone a Long Time Volume Three: Anaconda Canoe (The Lilliput Press, 1999); Invoking Ireland: Ailiu Iath n-hErend (The Lilliput Press, 2005); Night Journey to Buddh Gaia (The Lilliput Press, 2006); and Serious Sounds (The Lilliput Press, 2007).

He lived down from the Horse’s Glen at the foot of Mangerton Mountain in north Kerry, and died there in 2007.

John Moriarty tells a story Part 1

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Philosopher John Moriarty talks about some of his life
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