McPherson, Conor

Conor McPherson
Conor McPherson. Image source

Conor McPherson (var. MacPherson) was born in Dublin in 1970.

His plays include Rum and Vodka (Dublin, City Arts Centre, 1994); This Lime Tree Bower (Dublin, Iomha Ildanach, The Crypt Art Centre, 1995) The Good Thief, St Nicholas (London, The Bush Theatre, 1997); The Weir (London, The Royal Court); Dublin Carol (The Royal Court, 2000); Port Authority (London, New Ambassador Theatre/Dublin, The Gate Theatre, 2001); Shining City (The Royal Court/The Gate Theatre, 2004); The Seafarer (London, The National Theatre, 2006); The Birds (The Gate Theatre, 2009); The Veil (The National Theatre, 2011); and The Night Alive (London, Donmar Warehouse, 2013).

These are published as This Lime Tree Bower (London, Nick Hern Books, 1996); St Nicholas and The Weir (Dublin, New Island Books, 1999); Four Plays (Nick Hern Books, 1999); A Dublin Carol (Nick Hern Books, 1999); The Weir (Nick Hern Books, 2000); Shining City (Nick Hern Books, 2004); Mcpherson: Collected Plays: Vol two (Nick Hern Books, 2004); Port Authority (Nick Hern Books, 2005); The Seafarer (Nick Hern Books, 2006); McPherson Plays: Three (Shining City, The Seafarer, The Birds, The Veil, The Dance of Death, Nick Hern Books, 2013); and The Night Alive (Nick Hern Books, 2013).

He has written the screenplays for I Went Down (1997); Saltwater (2000), an adaptation of This Lime Tree Bower; The Actors (2003); and The Eclipse (2009). He has also directed Saltwater and The Actors, and Beckett’s Endgame.

He won the Olivier Award for Best New Play for The Weir.

He lives in Dublin.

Conor McPherson at Curtis Brown
Conor McPherson at The National Library of Ireland