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Roy McFadden
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Roy McFadden was born in Belfast in 1921 and was educated at Queen’s University Belfast. He thereafter worked in the legal profession.

His first poetry pamplet was Russian Summer (Dublin, Gayfied, 1941). His first major publication, Three New Poets (Essex, Grey Walls Press, 1942), was shared with Alex Comfort and Ian Serraillier.
His subsequent collections include Swords and Ploughshares (London, Routledge, 1943); Flowers for a Lady (Routledge, 1945); The Heart’s Townland (Routledge, 1947); Elegy for the Dead of The Princess Victoria (Lisburn, Lisnagarvey Press, 1953); The Garryowen (London, Chatto and Windus, 1971); Verifications (Belfast, Blackstaff Press, 1977); A Watching Brief (Blackstaff Press, 1979); The Selected Roy McFadden (Blackstaff Press, 1983); Letters to the Hinterland (Dublin, Dedalus Press, 1986); After Seymour’s Funeral (Dedalus Press, 1990); Collected Poems l943-l995 (Belfast, Lagan Press, 1996); and Last Poems (Abbey, Lagan, 2002) Ed. Sarah Ferris with a Foreword by Philip Hobsbaum.

He died in Belfast in September 1999.

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