McDonagh, Terry

Terry McDonagh
Terry McDonagh. Image source Joanna Longster

Terry McDonagh was born in Cill Aodáin, Kiltimagh, Co Mayo in 1946.

His plays include The Dark Side of a Dream; Anything for a Fiver; I wanted to bring you flowers (translated as Ich kann das alles erklären); Eternity Under Lucifer the First; and Children of the Whip.

His poetry collections are The Road Out (Hamburg, Olaf Hille Verlag, 1993); At Home In My Shoes (Celtic Corner Verlag, Hamburg, 1997); A World Without Stone/New and Selected Poems (Hamburg, Blaupause-Verlag, 1998); A Song for Joanna, Hamburg-Melbourne A Journal in Verse (Hamburg, Blaupause Books, 2003); and The Truth in Mustard (Galway, Arlen House/New York, Syracuse University Press, 2010); and Ripple Effect (Arlen House, 2014).

His poetry for children includes Boxes (Blaupause Books, 2006); and Echolocation (Blaupause Books, 2015).

I’m On A Train – Twelve Strange Songs is based on twelve poems from The Road Out and have been put to music for voice and string quartet by Eberhart Reichel. Elbe Letters Go West/Briefe von der Elbe was published by Blaupause in 1999. He has also published a novel for children, One Summer in Ireland (Stuttgart, Ernst Klett Verlag, 2002).

An English-German selection of his poems, Kiltimagh (Hamburg, Blaupause, 2001) was grant-aided by the Irish Literature Exchange. His selected poems were translated into and published in Indonesian as Tiada Tempat di Rawa/No Places in The Marshes (Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Indonesiatera, 2004).

He has lived in Hamburg since 1980 but now divides his time between Mayo and Hamburg.

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Festival Close in the Old Schoolhouse at the ‘In Sight of Raftery’ festival, Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo, Ireland, 23rd of November 2008.

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