McCabe, Eugene

Eugene McCabe
Eugene McCabe. Image source

Eugene McCabe was born in Glasgow in July 1930 of Irish parents.

His published plays for stage include King of the Castle (Dublin, The Gallery Press/Newark, Proscenium, 1978); and his one-act plays Pull Down a Horseman/Gale Day (Dublin, Gallery, 1979). His plays for TV include Roma (Dublin, Turoe & RTÉ, 1979); and his trilogy Victims, which consists of Cancer, Heritage, and Siege. Cancer won the Writers Award in Prague, and second prize in the Prix Italia.

His short fiction includes the novella and stories Victims: A Tale from Fermanagh (London, Gollancz/Cork, Mercier, 1976); Heritage and Other Stories (Gollancz, 1978); Christ in the Fields, A Fermanagh Trilogy (London, Minerva, 1993); Tales from the Poor House (Oldcastle, The Gallery Press, 1999); Heaven Lies About Us (London, Cape, 2005); and The Love of Sisters (Dublin, New Island Books, 2009).

His novel is Death and Nightingales (London, Secker & Warburg, 1992).

A member of Aosdána, he lives in Monaghan.

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