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David Marcus
David Marcus. Image source

David Marcus was born in Cork in 1924.

With Terence Smith and SJ White, he edited Irish Writing from 1946-54. He also edited Poetry Ireland, from 1948-54. He moved to London in 1954. On his return to Ireland he edited the seminal New Irish Writing from 1968-1998 in the Irish Press, Dublin, publishing and/or encouraging most of the Irish writers who began their careers in that period.

He has edited over thirty anthologies of Irish short stories and poetry, including New Irish writing 1, an anthology from the Irish press series (Dublin, The Dolmen Press, 1970); New Irish writing from the Irish Press series (London, Quartet, 1976); Best Irish short stories (London, Elek, 1976-1977); Phoenix Irish Short Stories, (London, Pheonix, 1998); State of the art : short stories by the new Irish writers (Sevenoaks, Kent, UK, Sceptre, 1992); Writers’ Week Award-winning Short Stories, 1973-1994 (Dublin, Marino Press, 1995); Irish Ghost Stories (London, Bloomsbury, 1999); and Irish Sporting Short Stories (Belfast, The Appletree Press, 2001)
He has also published a translation of The Midnight Court/Cúirt an Mheadhon Oidhche, by Brian Merriman (Dublin, Dolmen Press [distributed in the United States by Dufour Editions], 1968).

His original work includes the novels To Next Year in Jerusalem (London/New York, St Martin’s Press, 1954); A Land Not Theirs (London, Bantam Press, 1986); and A Land in Flames (Bantam, 1987). He has also published a collection of short stories, Who Ever Heard of an Irish Jew? and Other Stories (London, Transworld Publishers, 1988).

His autobiography is Oughtobiography – Leaves from the diary of a hyphenated Jew (Dublin, Gill & MacMillan, 2001).

He died in Dublin on May 9, 2009.

David Marcus at Munster Literature Centre
David Marcus at The National Library of Ireland