Macken, Walter

Walter Macken
Walter Macken. Image source

Walter Macken was born on May 3rd, 1915, in Galway.

Originally an actor, principally with the Tadhbhearc in Galway, and The Abbey Theatre, he played lead roles on Broadway in MJ Molloy‘s The King of Friday’s Men and his own play Home is the Hero. He also acted in films, notably in Brendan Behan’s The Quare Fellow. With the success of his third book, Rain on the Wind, he devoted his time to writing. ’ His plays include Mungo’s Mansion (1946) and Home is the Hero (1952).

His novels include Rain on the Wind (London, MacMillan, 1950); The Bogman (MacMillan, 1952); the trilogy Seek the Fair Land (MacMillan,1959); The Silent People (MacMillan,1962); and The Scorching Wind (MacMillan, 1964).
Amongst his other fictions are I am Alone; Sullivan ; The Green Hills (stories); Quench the Moon; Brown Lord of the Mountain; The Coll Doll and other Stories (which includes thirteen stories from The Green Hills); God Made Sunday and other Stories; and Sunset on the Window Panes.

He also published a number of books for children, including Island of the Great Yellow Ox (MacMillan, 1966); and Flight of the Doves (MacMillan, 1968), which was adapted for the cinema by Ralph Nelson, starring Ron Moody, Jack Wild, and Niall Toibin.

He died in Galway on April 22, 1967.

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