Mac Uistin, Liam

Liam Mac Uistin
Liam Mac Uistin. Image source

Liam Mac Uistin was born in Dublin in 1938.

His published work includes the novels Esperanza and Dordd (Báile Átha Cliath, Clóchomhar, 1994), for which he won Oireachtas awards, and Mac an Easpaig (Clóchomhar, 1997).

His published plays are Pocléim and Liombó (An Clóchamhar), and The Glory and the Dream (Delaware Press, USA).

His other plays include An Bairéd Gorm, Soldiers, and the television plays The Glory and the Dream, Post Mortem, and An Breac. The latter two were shortlisted for the Prix Italia and were later translated into Hebrew and many European languages for transmission.

He has written several versions of Irish legends, including The Táin, for young readers, and lives in Dublin.

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