Kudryavitsky, Anatoly

Anatoly Kudryavitsky
Anatoly Kudryavitsky. Image source kudryavitsky.webs.com

Anatoly Kudryavitsky was born in Moscow in 1954.

His father was of Polish origin; his mother was a daughter of an Irishman from South Co. Mayo who survived Stalin’s Gulag.

He is a member of the Russian Writers’ Union and Irish PEN, former President of the Russian Poetry Society (1998–1999) Formerly on the Board of Directors of the International Federation of Poetry Associations of UNESCO (1999–2004).

His books include The Ship of Autumn (Moscow, UDN University Press,1991); Sealed Up Messages (Moscow, Valentine Books, 1992); Sounds and the Stars (Moscow, Lenore Books, 1993); In the White Flame of Waiting (Moscow/Oslo, Sov-VIP Press, 1994); The Field of Eternal Stories (Moscow/Jersey City, N.J., Third Wave Books, 1996); Graffiti (Third Wave Books, 1998); Visitors’ Book (Third Wave Books, 2001); Shadow of Time (Newbridge, Co. Kildare, The Goldsmith Press, 2005); Morning at Mount Ring (Tralee, Doghouse Books, 2007); and Capering Moons (Tralee, Doghouse Books, 2011).

He has also edited an anthology of haiku poetry from Ireland, Bamboo Dreams (Tralee, Doghouse Books, 2012).

He has translated and edited several anthologies including The Imagist Poets, an anthology. (Progress Publishing, 2001) which won The Independent/Ex Libris Award for the best translated work published in book-form in 2001 and Poetry of Silence, an anthology of new Russian poetry, A&B Press, 1999; Zhuzhukiny Deti, Russian Short Stories of the Second Half of 20th Century (NLO Books, 2000); and A Night in the Nabakov Hotel, 20 Contemporary Poets from Russia (Dublin, The Dedalus Press, 2006).

He has translated from English into Russian authors and poets as diverse as Emily Dickinson (Selected Poems); Stephen Crane (Collected Poems); Jim Morrison (Selected Poems). He has also translated more than thirty Irish poets into Russian.

He has lived in Ireland and Germany since 1999.

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  1. Dear Philip,

    I’ve just noticed that one of the lines in my entry on this page is incorrect. The following one: (pen name of Antholy Kudryavitsky). Antholy is nothing else but the wrong spelling of Anatoly, and it is not, and cannot be, my ‘real’ name. Would it be possible to remove it altogether? Many thanks in advance.

    My collection that is referred to as Mount Ring (Tralee, Doghouse Books, 2005), in fact, came out in 2007.

    Also, I’ve published one more collection of poetry: Capering Moons (Tralee, Doghouse Books, 2011), and an anthology of haiku poetry from Ireland titled Bamboo Dreams (Tralee, Doghouse Books, 2012).

    Another thing, my grandfather spent 13 years in the Russian GULAG but he didn’t die there. He was released in 1953 and lived for another 11 years. However he wasn’t allowed to return to Ireland…

    Hope it won’t be too difficult to amend this page. No rush, of course…

    Best, as always,

    Anatoly Kudryavitsky

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