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Conan Kennedy
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Conan Kennedy was born in Dublin.

His novels are Here Be Ghosts (Dublin, O’Brien Press, 1982, eBook edition 2011); Ogulla Well (Killala, Co Mayo, Morrigan Books, 2002); The Colour of Her Eyes (eBook edition, 2011); The Snake Dancer of Sati Choura (eBook and printed editions Morrigan Books 2012).

A Walk on The Southside, a memoir/love story, was published by Morrigan Book Co, 2010.

Boy on A Bicycle, about his native DunLaoghaire, was published by Morrigan in 2012.

He has also published Ancient Ireland – Users Guide (Morrigan Books, 1994); and (with Daragh Smyth) Places of Mythology in Ireland (Morrigan Books, 1989).

He is author of numerous local history and specialist guidebooks, including Irish Language Ireland (Foras na Gaeilge,1998); and Glasnevin Cemetery (Dublin Cemeteries Committee, 2006). His Ancient Ireland-Users’ Guide (Morrigan,1994) remains the standard guide to that subject. Fragments from Frescati, a history and genealogical record of the Co Dublin mansion, was published by Morrigan in 2012.

He was editor of Daragh Smyth’s Dictionary of Irish Mythology (Irish Academic Press) and co-author of Places of Mythology in Ireland (Morrigan).

He edited the five volume Diaries of Mary Hayden 1878-1903 (National Library of Ireland/Morrigan, 2008); and The Mysterious Mary H.: A Selection of Writings by Mary Hayden (1862-1942) (Morrigan Books, 2008).

He divides his time between homes in the West of Ireland and Italy.

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