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Marie Jones was born in Belfast in 1951.

She was one of the founders of the Charabanc Theatre Company, which was founded to counteract the lack of roles for women, and which produced a series of collaboratively written original works.

Contemporaneously, Marie Jones wrote five plays for The Replay Theatre Company, including Under Napoleon’s Nose (1988).

She was one of the founders of Double Joint Theatre Company in 1991, for which she wrote a number of works, and was involved in the formation of a number of community theatre companies. She has written a number of television plays for the BBC and Channel 4, including Tribes (1990; Fighting the Shadows (1992); Wingnut and the Sprog (1994); and the adaptation of her play, The Hamster Wheel (1991), the original of which is published in The Crack in the Emerald (ed. David Grant.London, Nick Hern Books, 1990).

Her other published work is A Night in November (Dublin, New Island Books/London, Nick Hern Books, 1995).
She has also worked as an actress, and played Sarah Conlon in the Jim Sheridan film In the Name of the Father. She has received the John Hewitt Award for outstanding contribution to culture, tradition and the arts in Northern Ireland.

She lives in Belfast

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