Jankowsky, Peter

Peter Jankowsky
Peter Jankowsky. Image source amazon.co.uk

Peter Jankowsky was born in Berlin in 1939.

He studied acting in Berlin and worked for ten years with a number of German theatre companies. He settled in Dublin in 1971, having visited Ireland since the 1950s.

His poetry translations include (with Brian Lynch) Paul Celan: 65 Poems (Raven Arts Press, 1986); Davoren Hanna: Unüblice Rede (Bremerhaven, die horen 159, 1990); Brian Lynch’s Easter Snow (die horen & Cliffs of Moher, Salmon Publishing), translated as Oster Schnee, and for which he also took the photographs.

In recent years he has made numerous poetry translations for Irish and German publications and publishers, and has published a memoir, Myself Passing By: A Memoir in Moments (Dublin, New Island Books, 2000).
He has given numerous readings and literary one-man shows, and lectures on German literature.

He lives in Dublin.

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