Ingoldsby, Pat

Pat Ingoldsby
Pat Ingoldsby. Photographer © Diarmuid Doran

Pat Ingoldsby was born in Dublin in 1942.

Widely broadcast on TV, Radio, since the mid-1990s he has self-published and sold his work on the streets of Dublin, where he is a well-known figure.

His poetry includes You’ve Just Finished Reading This Title (Blackrock, The Author, c. 1977); Rhyme Doesn’t With Reason; Up The Leg Of Your Jacket; Welcome To My Head (Please Remove Your Boots) (1986); Salty Water (Dublin, O’Brien, 1988); Scandal Sisters (Dun Laoghaire, Anna Livia Press, 1990); How Was It For You Doctor? (Dublin, Willow Publications, 1994); Poems So Fresh And So New …Yah You’ve just finished reading this titleoo! (1995); If You Don’t Tell Anybody I Won’t (Willow Publications, 1996); See Liz She Spins (Dublin, Willow Publications, 1997); Half A Hug (Willow Publications, 19941998); Beautiful Cracked Eyes (Willow Publications, 1999); The Blue E-Tee Wet! (2000); Do Lámh I Mo Bhrístí (Willow Publications, 2001); The Frenchwoman And The Sky (2003); Once Upon A ’hide (Willow Publications, 2004); I’m Out Here (2005); and Can I get in the bath? (2007).

His books for children include Zany Tales (Dublin, O’Brien Press [Lucky tree books for children], 1987).

His plays include Bats or Booze or Both (Dublin, Project Arts Centre, 1977); Hisself (Dublin, Peacock Theatre, 1978); Rhymin’ Simon (Peacock Theatre, 1978); When Am I Getting’ Me Clothes (Peacock Theatre, 1978); Yeukface the Yeuk and the Spotty Grousler (Peacock, 1982); and The Full Shilling (Dublin, Gaeity Theatre, 1986).

His radio plays include ‘The Dark Days of Denny Lacey’, ‘Fire is Far Enough’ and ‘Liffey Ever Is’, all broadcast on RTÉ Radio One.

He lives in Dublin.

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