Hartigan, Anne Le Marquand

Anne Hartigan
Anne Hartigan. Image source annehartigan.ie

Anne Le Marquand Hartigan was born and reared in England to a Catholic Irish mother and a Jersey father. She trained in Fine Art before moving to her mother’s family farm in Ireland with five small children and her farmer husband.

Her collections are Long Tongue (Dublin, Beaver Row Press, 1982); Return Single (Beaver Row Press, 1986); Now is a Moveable Feast (Galway, Salmon Poetry, 1993); Immortal Sins (Salmon Poetry, 2000); Nourishment (Cliffs of Moher, Salmon Publishing, 2005); and To Keep the Light Burning, (Salmon Poetry, 2008).

Her non-fiction includes Clearing the Space: A Why of Writing (Salmon Publishing, 1996).

Her plays include Beds (Dublin Theatre Festival, 1982), La Corbière (Dublin Theatre Festival, 1989); and Jersey Lillies(a trilogy: La Corbière, Les Yeux, and Le Crapaud, Dublin, Samuel Beckett Theatre, 1996).

She lives in Dublin.

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