Harte, Jack

Jack Harte
Jack Harte. Image source Wikipedia

Jack Harte was born in Sligo in 1944.

His short stories collections are Murphy in the Underworld (Dublin, Glendale, 1986); Birds and Other Tails (Dublin, The Dedalus Press, 1996); Birds and Selected Stories (Opheus, Sophia, Bulgaria, 2001); and From Under Gogol’s Nose (Dublin, Scotus Press, 2004), accompanied by the CD Lament for the Birds, Sligo Stories and Songs, by Jack Harte, featuring Carmel Gunning.

His novels are Homage (The Dedalus Press, 1992); In the wake of the Bagger (Scotus Press, 2006); and Reflections in a Tar Barrel (Scotus Press, 2008).

His memoir/biography of his sculptor cousin is Unravelling the Spiral – The life and Work of Fred Conlon (1943-2005) (Dublin, The Scotus Press, 2010), and his translations include And Here I Am, by Lyubomir Levchev (Dublin, The Dedalus Press, 2003), translated from Bulgarian.

In 1986 he founded the Irish Writers’ Union, and the following year secured funding from the Irish Government to establish the Irish Writers’ Centre.

He lives in Dublin.

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