Gorman, Roddy

Rody Gorman
Rody Gorman. Image by Éóg1916, CC-By-3
Rody Gorman was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1960.

He has published the poetry collections Fax and Other Poems (Polygon, 1996); Cùis-Ghaoil (diehard, 1999), Bealach Garbh (Coiscéim, 1999), Air a’ Charbad fo Thalamh/On the Underground (Polygon, 2000), Naomhóga na Laoi (Coiscéim, 2003), Tóithín ag Tláithínteacht (Lapwing, 2004), An Duilleog agus an Crotal (Coiscéim, 2004), Flora from Lusitania (Lapwing, 2005) Zonda? Khamsin? Sharaav? Camanchaca? (Leabhraichean Beaga, Inverness, 2006) and Eadar Fiaradh is Balbh na h-Oidhche (diehard, Callander, 2007) in English, Irish and Scottish Gaelic. His selected poems in Irish and Scottish Gaelic, Chernilo, were published by Coiscéim in 2006.

He lives in the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

*With acknowledgements to the Scottish Poetry Library

Rody Gorman at Scottish Poetry Library

Rody Gorman at The National Library of Ireland

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