Gaynor, Fergal

Fergal Gaynor
Fergal Gaynor. Image source Miami University Press
Fergal Gaynor was born in Cork City in 1969, of Tipperary parents.

He has published one collection of poetry, VIII Stepping Poems & other pieces (Miami University Press/Dublin, New Writers’ Press, 2011).

Since 2000, when he co-founded the art interventionist group Art / not art, he has been involved in the arts, especially in his native city: regularly performing and collaborating, curating (including the Cork Caucus in 2005); assisting with the SoundEye Festival, devising (including The Avant: Ten Days of the Progressive Arts), editing (ER : Enclave Review) and writing criticism, chiefly for Circa Contemporary Art Magazine.

He lives in Cork.

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