Foley, Michael

Michael Foley
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Michael Foley was born Derry in 1947.

His poetry collections are Heil Hitler (Portrush, Ulsterman Publications, 1969); The Acne and the Ecstasy (Ulsterman Publications, 1973); Through the Gateless Gate (Ulsterman, 1976), True Life Love Stories (Belfast, The Blackstaff Press, 1976), The Irish Frog , Versions of Laforgue (Ulsterman, 1978), The GO Situation (The Blackstaff Press, 1982); Insomnia in the Afternoon (The Blackstaff Press, 1994); Autumn Beguiles the Fatalist (The Blackstaff Press, 2006); and New and Selected Poems (The Blackstaff Press, 2011).

His fiction includes The Passion of Jamesie Coyle (Belfast, Fortnight Publications, 1984); The Road to Notown (The Blackstaff Press, 1996); Getting Used To Not Being Remarkable (The Blackstaff Press, 1998); and Beyond (The Blackstaff Press, 2002).

His non-fiction includes The Age of Absurdity (London, Simon & Schuster 2010); Embracing the Ordinary (Simon & Schuster, 2012); and Life Lessons from Bergson (London, Pan Macmillan, 2013).

He was joint-editor of the Honest Ulsterman with Frank Ormsby from 1969-72.

In 1972 he moved to London, where he still lives, and a career in teaching, culminating in twenty three years at the University of Westminster lecturing in Information Technology. He retired in 2007 to devote himself to writing.

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