Fennell, Desmond

Desmond Fennell
Desmond Fennell. Image source: author

Desmond Fennell was born in Belfast in 1929 and grew up in Dublin.

His books are Mainly in Wonder (London, Hutchinson, 1959); The Changing Face of Catholic Ireland (Dublin, Chapman, 1968); The State of the Nation: Ireland since the 60s (Swords, Ward River Press, 1983); Beyond Nationalism: The Struggle against Provincialism in the Modern World (Swords, Ward River Press, 1985); Nice People and Rednecks: Ireland in the 1980s (Dublin, Gill and Macmillan, 1986); A Connacht Journey (Dublin, Gill and Macmillan, 1987); The Revision of Irish Nationalism (Dublin, Open Air, 1989); Bloomsway: A Day in the Life of Dublin (Swords. Poolbeg, 1990); Heresy: The Battle of Ideas in Modern Ireland (Blackstaff, Belfast, 1993); Dreams of Oranges: An Eyewitness Account of the Fall of Communist East Germany (Dublin, Sanas Press, 1996); Uncertain Dawn: Hiroshima and the Beginning of Postwestern Civilisation (Dublin, Sanas Press, 1996); The Postwestern Condition: Between Chaos and Civilisation (London, Minerva Press,1999); The Turning Point: My Sweden Year and After (Dublin, Sanas Press, 2001); The Revision of European History (Belfast, Athol Books, 2003); Cutting to the Point: Essays and Objections 1994-2003 (Dublin, Liffey Press, 2003); About Behaving Normally in Abnormal Circumstances (Belfast, Athol Books, 2007); Ireland After the End of Western Civilisation, (Belfast, Athol Books, 2009).

He has also published the following pamphlets: The Northern Catholic (Dublin,
The Irish Times/Mount Salus Press, 1958); Art for the Irish (Dublin, Mount Salus
Press, 1961); The British Problem (Dublin, Sceptick Press, 1963); Iarchonnacht Began (Gaillimh, Iarchonnachta 1985, 1969); A New Nationalism for the New Ireland (Muineachán, Comhairle Uladh, 1972); Take the Faroes for Example 
(Dublin, Pobal Teoranta, 1972); Build the Third Republic (Maoinis, Foilseacháin Mhaoinse, 1972); Sketches of the New Ireland (Galway, Association for the Advancement of Self-Government, 1973); Towards a Greater Ulster (Indreabhán, Comharchumann Chois Fharraige,1973); Irish Catholics and Freedom since 1916 (Dublin, Dominican Publications, 1984); Cuireadh chun na Tríú Réabhlóide  (Dublin, Coiscéim, 1984); Whatever You Say, Say Nothing: Why Seamus Heaney Is No.1 (Dublin, ELO Publications, 1991); Little Rock, AR, Milestone Presss, 1994); Savvy and the Preaching of the Gospel (Dublin, Veritas, 2003).

He lives in Dublin.

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