Fallon, Padraic 1946-2012

Padraic Fallon
Padraic Fallon. Image source carcanet.co.uk

Padraic Fallon was born in Wexford, Ireland, in 1946, the sixth and youngest son of the poet and playwright Padraic Fallon.

He was chairman of an international financial publishing company whose headquarters are in London, and was a director of one of the largest UK newspaper groups. He was awarded the Wincott Special Award for outstanding financial journalism in 1981.

He published a dramatized memoir of his childhood, A Hymn of the Dawn (Dublin, The Lilliput Press, 20030; and one novel, The Circles of Archimedes (Manchester, Carcanet Press, 2009).

He lived in Wiltshire and London. He died in London in 2012.

Padraic Fallon at Carcanet

Padraic Fallon at The National Library of Ireland