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Desmond Egan
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Desmond Egan was born in Athlone, Co Westmeath in 1936.

He founded the Goldsmith Press in 1972 and edited Era, the literary magazine.

His collections include Midland (Newbridge, The Goldsmith Press, 1972, with drawings by Brian Bourke); Leaves (Goldsmith Pres,1974), with drawings by Charles Cullen); Siege! (Goldsmith Press, 1976); Woodcutter (Goldsmith Press, 1978); Athlone? (Goldsmith Press, 1980, with photographs by Fergus Bourke); Seeing Double (Goldsmith Press, 1983, with illustrations by Alex Sadkowsky); Collected Poems (Maine, National Poetry Foundation, 1983); Poems for Peace (1986); A Song for my Father (Goldsmith Press/The Kavanagh Press, UK Peterloo Poets, 1989); Selected Poems (Omaha, Creighton University Press.Selected and with an Inroduction by Hugh Kenner, 1992);Peninsula (Newbridge, The Kavanagh Press, 1992); Elegies (Goldsmith Press, 1996); Famine (Goldsmith Press, 1997); and Music (The Goldsmith Press, 2000). He has also published Medea (The Goldsmith Press, 1991); and a collection of essays, The Death of Metaphor (1990).

He has been awarded the US National Poetry award for his Collected Poems.

Artistic Director The Gerald Manley Hopkins International Festival, he lives in Co Kildare.

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