Durcan, Paul

Paul Durcan
Paul Durcan. Image source eigse.com

Paul Durcan was born in Dublin in 1944.

In 1974 he won the Patrick Kavanagh Award and more recently the Irish American Cultural Institute Poetry Award (1989), The Whitebread Prize (for Daddy, Daddy, 1990) and the London Poetry Book Society choice for The Berlin Wall Café.

His books include Endsville [with Brian Lynch] (Dublin, New Writers’ Press, 1967); O Westport in the Light of Asia Minor (Dublin, Anna Livia Press, 1975); Sam’s Cross (Dublin, Profile Press, 1978); Teresa’s Bar (1976, Loughcrew, Co Meath, The Gallery Press; revised edition, The Gallery Press, 1986); Jesus, Break his Fall (Dublin, The Raven Arts Press, 1980); Ark of the North (Raven Arts Press, 1982); The Selected Paul Durcan (edited by Edna Longley, Belfast, The Blackstaff Press, 1982); Jumping the Train Tracks with Angela (Dublin, Raven Arts Press/ Manchester, Carcanet New Press, 1983) ; The Berlin Wall Café (The Blackstaff Press, 1985); Going Home to Russia (The Blackstaff Press, 1987) ; In the Land of Punt (with Gene Lambert [Dublin, Clashganna Mills Press, 1989]); Jesus and Angela (The Blackstaff Press, 1998); Daddy, Daddy (The Blackstaff Press, 1990); Crazy About Women (The National Gallery of Ireland, 1991, to coincide with the exhibition of the same name).

A Snail in My Prime: New and Selected Poems, was published by The Harvill Press, London/The Blackstaff Press in 1993. This has been followed by Give Me Your Hand (London, MacMillan, in association with National Gallery Publications, 1994); Christmas Day (London, The Harvill Press, 1997); Greetings to Our Friends in Brazil (The Harvill Press, 1999); Cries of an Irish Caveman (The Harvill Press, 2001); The Art of Life (The Harvill Press, 2004); The Laugher of Mothers (London, Harvill Secker, 2007); Life is a Dream: 40 Years Reading Poems 1967-2007 (Harvill Secker, 2009); and Praise in Which I Live and Move and Have My Being (Harvill Secker, 2012).

He is a member of Aosdána and has held the Ireland Chair of Poetry.

He lives in Dublin.

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  1. This is a great resource. I’m wondering if anybody has a phone number or address for Paul Durcan? I’m hoping to invite him to my school to talk about his wonderful poetry that is gladly on the Leaving Cert this year. If he could come we’d be happy campers. Thanks.

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