Derham, Roger

Roger Derham
Roger Derham. Image source

Roger Derham was born in Dublin in 1956.

His novels are The Simurgh and the Nightingale (Cork, The Collins Press, 2001); When Twilight Comes (Galway, Wynkin de Worde, 2003); Windsong: The Breath of Being (Wynkin de Worde, 2004).

As Alex Skalding, he has also published one work of fiction for children, The Colour of Rain (Wynkin de Worde, 2002).

Living and working as a gynaecologist in Galway since 1991 he helped establish, with Brenda Derham and Valerie Shortland, the publishing company Wynkin de Worde in 2001, to promote literary fiction.

Roger Derham at Windsong: The Breath of Being

Roger Derham at The National Library of Ireland