Deeley, Patrick

Patrick Deeley was born in Galway in 1953.

Patrick Deeley
Patrick Deeley. Image source

His collections are Intimate Strangers (Dublin, The Dedalus Press, 1986); Names for Love (The Dedalus Press, 1990); Turane, The Hidden Village (The Dedalus Press, 1995); Decoding Samara (The Dedalus Press, 2000); The Bones of Creation (The Dedalus Press, 2008); and Groundswell: New and Selected Poems (The Dedalus Press, 2013).

He has also written stories for children, collected in The Lost Orchard, Mo Mhadra Beoga, My Dog Lively, Snobby Cat, all from O’Brien Press, Dublin.

He lives in Dublin.

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