Daly, Ita

Ita Daly
Ita Daly. Image source munsterlit.ie

Ita Daly short stories are collected as The Lady with the Red Shoes (Dublin, Poolebeg, 1980).

Her novels include Ellen (London, Jonathan Cape, 1986); A Singular Attraction (Jonathan Cape, 1987); Dangerous Fictions (London, Bloomsbury, 1991); All Fall Down (Bloomsbury, 1992), and Unholy Ghosts (Bloomsbury 1997).

She has also published a number of books for children, including Candy on the Dart, (Dublin, Poolbeg Press, 1989); Candy and Sharon Ole (Poolbeg Press, 1991), and Irish Myths & Legends (Oxford, OUP, 2000).

She lives in Dublin.

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