Corrigan, Michael

Michael Corrigan
Michael Corrigan. Image source

Michael Corrigan was born in San Francisco in 1942.

His books are a memoir, Confessions of a Shanty Irishman (New York, Publish America, 2002); The Irish Connection and Other Stories (Publish America, 2004); Byron ( Publishing, 2005); The Filmmakers ( Publishing, 2008); and A Year and a Day (Idaho University Press, 2008).

He has also published the plays Mickey’s loft, (Louisville, KY, Aran Press, 1991); Jake (Aran Press, 1992); and Letters from Rebecca, (Aran Press, 1996), which was broadcast on National Public Radio, March, 1999.

He teaches at Idaho State University, and lives in Pocatello, Idaho.

Michael Corrigan at The National Library of Ireland

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  1. There is another book, a collection of connected stories called These Precious Hours, also an audiobook, published by Virtual Bookworm, 2010.

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