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Brian Cleeve
Brian Cleeve. Cover image Faithful Servant: A Memoir of Brian Cleeve by Jim Bruce source

Brian Cleeve was born in Essex of a Limerick family in 1921, and settled in Dublin in the mid-1950s.

His short fiction includes The Horse Thieves of Ballsaggert (Cork, Mercier Press 1966).

His novels include Far Hills (London, Jarrolds, 1953); Portrait of My City (Jarrolds, 1953); Birth of a Dark Soul (Jarrolds, 1953, published in Boston as The Night Winds, [Houghton Mifflin, 1954]); Assignment to Vengeance (London, Hammond, 1961); Death of a Painted Lady (London, Hammond 1962); Death of a Wicked Servant (London, Hammond 1963); Vote X for Treason (London, Collins 1964); Dark Blood, Dark Terror (Hammond, 1966); Violent Death of a Bitter Englishman (New York, Random House, 1967; London, Corgi 1969); Exit from Prague (London, Corgi 1970; in America as Escape from Prague [New York, Pinnacle Books 1973]); Cry of Morning, A Novel of Modern Ireland (London, Michael Joseph, 1971); Tread Softly in This Place (London, Cassell 1972); The Dark Side of the Sun (Cassell, 1973); A Question of Inheritance (Cassell, 1974); and A Woman of Fortune (Dingle, Brandon 1993).

He edited A Dictionary of Irish Writers, Volume 1 (Cork, Mercier 1967); Volume 2 (Mercier, 1969); Volume 3 (Mercier 1971); and with Ann Brady, A Dictionary of Irish Writers, revised edition in one volume (Dublin, The Lilliput Press, 1985).

He also published a number of mystical books in the 1980s, including The House on the Rock (London, Watkins, 1980).

He died in 2003.

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