Cheasty, James

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James Cheasty was born in Waterford in 1928.

He is the author of a novel, The Captive (Dublin, 1965), and several plays, including A Stranger Came (Dublin, Progress House, 1956 [foreword by Teresa Deevey and notes on production]); The Lost Years (1958); Francey (Dublin, The Olympia Theatre, 1962, Illsley-McCabe Productions [Irish translation, 1964]); All Set for Birmingham (Portlaw, Co. Waterford, Volturna Press, 1970); and Prisoners of Silence (1971).

James Cheasty’s Prisoners of Silence Part 1

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Prisoners of silence is a play written by Waterford man James Cheasty, performed by the Stagemad Theatre Company and filmed by Kramproductions. the play was performed at garterlane arts centre in 2007.The whole play can be seen by going to irishdrama on Rever.

James Cheasty at Irish Playography

James Cheasty at The National Library of Ireland