Cafferky, Tony

Tony Cafferky was born in Dublin. He has published a novel, Baulox (Dingle, Brandon 1984); and Storia del Identito, short fiction in translation (Milan, 1988). […]

Louise C. Callaghan

Callaghan, Louise C.

Louise C. Callaghan was born in 1948 and brought up in County Dublin. Her collections are The Puzzle-Heart (Cliffs of Moher, Salmon, 1999); Remember The Birds […]

Mary Rose Callaghan

Callaghan, Mary Rose

Mary Rose Callaghan was born in Dublin in 1944. Her novels include Mothers (Dublin, Arlen House 1982, London, Marian Boyars, 1984); Confessions of a Prodigal […]

Siobhán Campbell

Campbell, Siobhán

Siobhán Campbell was born in Dublin. Her collections are The Permanent Wave (Belfast, The Blackstaff Press, 1996); The Cold That Burns (The Blackstaff Press, 2000); […]

Moya Cannon

Cannon, Moya

Moya Cannon was born in Dunfanaghy, Co Donegal, in 1956. Her collections are Oar, for which she received The Brendan Behan Memorial Prize (Galway, Salmon […]

William Carleton

Carleton, William

William Carleton was born in Prillisk, Co Tyrone, in 1794 to small farmers, and was one of fourteen children. His father was fluent in Irish […]

Thomas Carnduff

Carnduff, Thomas

Thomas Carnduff was born in Belfast in 1886. He worked at a variety of jobs, at the Belfast shipyards and elsewhere, and also served as […]

Marina Carr

Carr, Marina

Marina Carr was born in 1964 and grew up in Co Offaly. Her main theatrical works include Low in the Dark (Project Arts Centre, Dublin, […]

Paul Vincent Carroll

Carroll, Paul Vincent

Paul Vincent Carroll was born Co Louth in 1900. His plays includes the one-act The Watched Pot (Dublin, The Abbey, Peacock Stage, 1930); The Things […]

Ciaran Carson

Carson, Ciaran

Ciaran Carson was born in Belfast in 1948. His poetry collections include The New Estate (Belfast, Blackstaff Press, 1976) which won the Eric Gregory Award; […]

Joyce Carey

Cary, Joyce

Joyce Cary was born Arthur Joyce Lunel in Derry City in 1888, the family home being Castle Cary in Inishowen, Co Donegal. He settled in […]

Anne-Marie Casey

Casey, Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie Casey was a script editor and producer of prime-time television drama for ten years before becoming a writer full time. She has written scripts […]

Eileen Casey

Casey, Eileen

Eileen Casey was born in the Midlands. Her debut poetry collection is Drinking the Colour Blue (Dublin, New Island Books, 2008). From Bone to Blossom […]

Casey, Kevin

Kevin Casey was born in Kells, Co Meath in 1940. His novels are The Sinner’s Bell (London, Faber 1968); A Sense of Survival (Faber, 1974); […]

Paul Casey

Casey, Paul

Paul Casey was born in Cork, Ireland in 1968. His poetry collections are home more or less (Cliffs of Moher, Salmon Poetry, 2012); and Virtual […]

Philip Casey

Casey, Philip

Philip Casey was born to Irish parents in London in 1950 and grew up in Co Wexford. In 2014, he founded his own label, eMaker […]

Seamus Cashman

Cashman, Seamus

Seamus Cashman was born in Conna, Co Cork in 1943. His poetry collections are Carnival (Dublin, Monarchline, 1987); Clowns & Acrobats (Monarchline, Dublin, October, 1997); […]

Patrick Chapman

Chapman, Patrick

Patrick Chapman was born in Co Roscommon in 1968. His poetry collections are Jazztown (Dublin, Raven Arts Press, 1991); The New Pornography (The Cliffs of […]


Cheasty, James

James Cheasty was born in Waterford in 1928. He is the author of a novel, The Captive (Dublin, 1965), and several plays, including A Stranger […]

Glenda Cimino

Cimino, Glenda

Glenda Cimino was born in Atlanta, and moved to Ireland in the early seventies. She has been editor of Beaver Row Press, publishing poets such […]

Paula Clamp

Clamp, Paula

Paula Clamp was born in 1967. Her novels are Standing in a Hammock (Dublin, Poolbeg Publications, 2002); and Beetle Mania (Poolbeg Publications, 2003). She lives […]

Clancy, Sarah

Sarah Clancy is a page and performance poet from Galway. Her collections are Stacey and the Mechanical Bull (Lapwing Press, Belfast, 2011);Thanks for Nothing, Hippies […]

Austin Clarke

Clarke, Austin

Austin Clarke was born in Dublin in 1896. His collections include Collected Poems (London, George Allen & Unwin, 1936); Later Poems (Dublin, The Dolmen Press, […]

Clarkin, Sean

Sean Clarkin was born in New Ross, Co Wexford, in 1941. His full collection to date is Without Frenzy (Oldcastle, Co Meath, The Gallery Press, […]

Brian Cleeve

Cleeve, Brian

Brian Cleeve was born in Essex of a Limerick family in 1921, and settled in Dublin in the mid-1950s. His short fiction includes The Horse […]

Harry Clifton

Clifton, Harry

Harry Clifton was born in Dublin in 1952. His poetry collections are The Walls of Carthage (Dublin, The Gallery Press, 1977); Office of the Salt […]

Michael Coady

Coady, Michael

Michael Coady was born in Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary, in 1939. His poetry collections are Two for a Woman, Three for a Man (Loughcrew, Co Meath, […]

Brian Coffey

Coffey, Brian

Brian Coffey was born in Dublin in 1905, and lived abroad for much of his life, in France, The United States and England, during which […]

Eoin Colfer

Colfer, Eoin

Eoin Colfer was born in Wexford in 1965. His books are Benny & Omar (Dublin, The O’Brien Press 1990); Ed’s Funny Feet (O’Brien, 2000); Ed’s […]

Mel Coll Rua

Coll Rua, Mael

Mael Coll Rua, poetry pen name of Mel MacGiobúin, was born in Cork in 1962. He has published two chapbooks, Outburst (Dublin, Chantin’ Tongue Press, […]

Mary Coll

Coll, Mary

Mary Coll’s collection is All Things Considered (The Cliffs of Moher, Co Clare, Salmon Poetry, 2002). She works as a writer, critic and broadcaster and […]

Declan Collinge

Collinge, Declan

Declan Collinge was born in Dublin. His poetry collections are Sealgaireacht (Báile Átha Cliath, Clóchomhar Teo, 1982); Faoi Léigear (Báile Átha Cliath, Coiscéim, 1986); Fearful […]

Ciarán Collins

Collins, Ciarán

Ciarán Collins was born in Cork in 1977 and grew up in the village of Innishannon, Co. Cork. His debut novel is The Gamal (London, […]

Michael Collins

Collins, Michael

Michael Collins was born in Limerick in 1964. His stories are collected as The Meat Eaters (London, Jonathan Cape, 1992) published in the US as […]

Padraic Colum

Colum, Padraic

Padraic Colum was born Patrick Collumb on 8 December 1881 at Collumbkille, County Longford. In 1901 he joined the Gaelic League and adopted the Irish […]

William Congreve by Sir Godfrey Kneller,Bt

Congreve, William

William Congreve was born in 1672, not 1670 and not at Bardsley, near Leeds in England, as he claimed. His father was steward to the […]

Evelyn Conlon

Conlon, Evelyn

Evelyn Conlon was born in Monaghan in 1952. Her collections of short stories are My Head is Opening (Attic Press, 1987); Taking Scarlet as a […]

Shane Connaughton

Connaughton, Shane

Shane Connaughton was born in Cavan in 1941. He trained as an actor at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, and has acted in several […]


Connolly, John

John Connolly was born in Dublin in 1968. His novels are Every Dead Thing (London, Hodder & Stoughton, New York, Simon & Schuster, 1999), Winner […]

Kieron Connolly

Connolly, Kieron

Kieron Connolly was born in Tipperary in 1961. His novels are Watersign (Dublin, Marino Books, 2001); There is a House (Marino, 2003); and Harold (Dublin […]

Susan Connolly

Connolly, Susan

Susan Connolly was born in Drogheda, Co. Louth in 1956. Her principal collections are For the Stranger (Dublin, Dedalus Press,1993); and Forest Music (Exeter, UK, […]

June Considine

Considine, June

June Considine is the author of twelve books for pre-teens and young adults. These include the best-selling trilogy, When the Luvenders Came to Merrick Town, […]

Conway, Trevor

Trevor Conway is from Sligo. His first poetry collection is Evidence of Freewheeling (Cliffs of Moher, Salmon Poetry, 2015). Also a fiction and song writer, […]

Emma Cooke

Cook, Emma

Emma Cooke was born in Portarlington, Co Laois, in 1934, christened Enid Blanc. The Blancs, of Hugenot descent, are immortalised in James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake […]

Gavin Corbett

Corbett, Gavin

Gavin Corbett was born in the west of Ireland and grew up in Dublin. His novels are Innocence (New York/London, Pocket, 2003) This is the […]

Michael Corrigan

Corrigan, Michael

Michael Corrigan was born in San Francisco in 1942. His books are a memoir, Confessions of a Shanty Irishman (New York, Publish America, 2002); The […]

Mary Costello Tony Carragher Photos

Costello, Mary

Mary Costello is originally from East Galway. Her first short story collection is The China Factory (Dublin, The Stinging Fly, 2012), which was nominated for […]

Vincent S Coster

Coster, Vincent S.

Vincent S. Coster was born in Dublin in 1976 but grew up in Bray Co. Wicklow. His poetry collections are The Folk Hero Midget (Createspace […]

Patrick Cotter

Cotter, Patrick

Patrick Cotter was born in Cork in 1963. His collections are The Mysogynist’s Blue Nightmare (Raven Arts Press, 1990); A Socialist’s Dozen (Cork, Three Spires […]

Roz Cowman

Cowman, Roz

Roz Cowman was born in Cork in 1942. Her collection is The Goose Herd (Salmon Poetry, The Cliffs of Moher, Co Clare, 1989). Her non-fiction […]

Coyle-Greene, Enda

Enda Coyle-Greene was born in Dublin. Her collections are Snow Negatives, (Dublin, Dedalus Press, 2007); and Map of the Last (Dedalus Press, 2013). She has […]

Anthony Cronin

Cronin, Anthony

Anthony Cronin was born in Co Wexford in 1928. His many works include the novels The Life of Riley (London, Secker & Warburg, 1964); and […]

Paddy Crosbie

Crosbie, Paddy

Paddy Crosbie was born in Dublin in 1913. His books are Tales from the School Around the Corner (Dublin and Cork, The Mercier Press, 1979); […]

The Tailor and Ansty

Cross, Eric

Eric Cross was born in 1905 in Newry, Co. Down, but he was raised and educated in England where he became a chemical engineer and […]

Carmen Cullen

Cullen, Carmen

Carmen Cullen was born in Tipperary in 1950. She has published Class Acts (plays for schools, Dublin, Folens, 1994); Sky of Kites, Poetry for Children […]

Catherine Ann Cullen

Cullen, Catherine Ann

Catherine Ann Cullen was born in Drogheda, Co Louth. Her poetry collections are A Bone in My Throat (Tralee, Doghouse Books, 2007); and Strange Familiar […]

Emily Cullen

Cullen, Emily

Dr. Emily Cullen was born in Dublin and grew up in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim. Her poetry collections are No Vague Utopia (Galway, Ainnir Publishing, 2003); […]

Leo Cullen

Cullen, Leo

Leo Cullen was born in Tipperary in 1949. He has published a collection of short stories, Clocking Ninety on the Road to Cloughjordan (Belfast, Blackstaff […]

Léan Cullinan

Cullinan, Léan

Léan Cullinan (Léan Ní Chuilleanáin) was born in 1974 in Cambridge, UK, grew up in a distinguished literary family in Dublin, including Cormac Ó Cuilleanáin, […]

Kevin Cully

Cully, Kevin

Kevin Cully was born in Dublin in 1950. His novel is Ring of Rocks (London, Hutchinson, 1992/Kindle, 2012). He currently lives in Cornwall, UK. Kevin […]

Philip Cummings

Cummings, Philip

Philip Cummings, born in Belfast in 1964. His first poetry collection Néalta (Coiscéim, 2005) won the Irish Language prize in the Glen Dimplex New Writers […]

Peter Cunningham

Cunningham, Peter

Peter Cunningham was born in Waterford in 1947. His novels include Who Trespass Against US (London, Century Books, 1993); the Monument trilogy: Tapes of the […]

Tim Cunningham

Cunningham, Tim

Tim Cunningham was born in Limerick in 1942. His collections are Don Marcellino’s Daughter (Cornwall, UK, Peterloo Poets, 2001; Unequal Thirds (Peterloo Poets, 2006); and […]

Kevin Curran

Curran, Kevin

Kevin Curran grew up in Balbriggan, County Dublin. His novels are Beatsploitation (Dublin, Liberties Press, 2013); and Citizens (Liberties Press, 2016). He teaches in Dublin. […]

Tony Curtis

Curtis, Tony

Tony Curtis was born in Dublin in 1955. His collections are The Shifting of Stones (Dublin, Beaver Row Press,1986); Behind the Green Curtain (Beaver Row […]

Conor O'Callaghan

O’Callaghan, Conor

Conor O’Callaghan was born in Newry, Co Down, in 1968. His collections are The History of Rain (Oldcastle, Co Meath, The Gallery Press, 1993); Seatown […]