Baker, Keith

Keith Baker is the author of contemporary thrillers, including Inheritance (London, Headline, 1996); Reckoning (Headline, 1998); Engram (Headline, 1999) and Lunenburg (Headline, 2000). Inheritance won... Read More

Bannister, Ivy

Ivy Bannister was born in New York City in 1951. Her short story collection is Magician (Dublin, Poolbeg Press, 1996). Many other stories have been published and broadcast, including What Big Teeth, f... Read More

Bennett, Ronan

Ronan Bennett was born in Belfast in 1956. His novels are The Second Prison (London, Hamish Hamilton 1991); Overthrown by Strangers (Hamish Hamilton, 1992); The Catastrophist (London, Headline Review ... Read More

Berry, Ciaran

Ciaran Berry was born in Dublin in 1971 and grew up in Carna, County Galway and Falcarragh, County Donegal. His first collection is The Sphere Birds (Oldcastle, Co Meath, The Gallery Press/Southern Il... Read More

Binchy, Dan

Dan Binchy was born in County Limerick in 1940. His novels are The Neon Madonna (London, Century, 1991); The Last Resort (Century, 1992); Fireballs (London, Century, Random House, 1993); and Loopy: A ... Read More

Boland, Rosita

Rosita Boland was born in Co Clare in 1965. Her poetry collections are Muscle Creek (Dublin, Raven Arts Press, 1991); and Dissecting the Heart (Oldcastle, Co Meath, The Gallery Press, 2003). She has a... Read More

Bourke, Eva

Eva Bourke was born in Germany but has lived in Ireland for many years. Her poetry collections are Gonella (Galway, Salmon Publishing, 1985, with drawings by Jay Murphy); Litany for the Pig (Salmon Pu... Read More

Breathnach, Colm

Colm Breathnach was born in Cork in 1961. His collections are Cantaic an Bhalbháin (1991), which won the Duais Bhardas Chorcaí at the 1991 Oireachtas; An Fearann Breac (1992); Scáthach (1994), whic... Read More

Brennan, Maeve

Maeve Brennan was born in Dublin in 1917. Her father was Irish Ambassador to the United States and he brought his family there, including Maeve, in 1934. She settled in Manhattan and in 1949 joined th... Read More

Brennan, Rory

Rory Brennan was born in Westport, Co Mayo in 1945. His collections are The Sea on Fire (Dublin, Dolmen, 1978); The Walking Wounded (Dublin, The Dedalus Press, 1985); and The Old in Raphallo (Dedalus,... Read More

Broderick, Sonja

Sonja Broderick was born in Listowel, Co Kerry, in 1971. Her first collection is The Things You Left Me With (Belfast, Lapwing Press, 2004). She lives in Listowel, Co Kerry. Sonja Broderick’s we... Read More

Burnside, Sam

Sam Burnside was born in Co Antrim. His long poem, Cathedral (Freehold Press, 1989), won The Sunday Tribune/Hennessey Award of that year. This was followed by Walking The Marshes (Cliffs of Moher, Sal... Read More