Æ (George William Russell)

Æ (George William Russell)

Æ (George William Russell) was born in Lurgan, County Armagh, in 1867, and moved to Dublin when he was eleven. An active Irish nationalist, he […]

Chris Agee

Agee, Chris

Chris Agee was born in 1956 in San Francisco and grew up in Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island. He attended Harvard University and since […]

Gabrielle Alioth

Alioth, Gabrielle

Gabrielle Alioth was born in 1955 in Basel, Switzerland, and emigrated to Ireland in 1984. Her novels are Der Narr ([The Fool], Zurich, Nagel & […]

Fergus Allen

Allen, Fergus

Fergus Allen was born in Dublin in 1921. His collections are The Brown Parrots of Providencia (London, Faber & Faber, 1993); Who Goes There? (Faber […]

Chris Arthur

Arthur, Chris

Chris Arthur was born in Belfast in 1955, and lived for many years in Lisburn, County Antrim. His three books of essays are Irish Nocturnes […]

Lane Ashfeldt

Ashfeldt, Lane

Lane Ashfeldt was born in London and grew up in Dublin. Her first story collection is Saltwater (Dublin, Liberties Press, 2014). She lives in Wales. […]

Michael Augustin

Augustin, Michael

Michael Augustin was born in Lübeck, Germany in 1953. He has published several collections of poetry, including Der Apfel der Versuchung war ungespritzt (Eichborn 1983); […]

The Marriage at Antibes

Azadeh, Carol

Carol Azadeh was born in Belfast in 1964. Her stories are collected as The Marriage at Antibes (Dublin, The Lilliput Press, 1999/New York, Carroll & […]