Carroll, Paul Vincent

Paul Vincent Carroll
Paul Vincent Carroll in 1938. Image source

Paul Vincent Carroll was born Co Louth in 1900.

His plays includes the one-act The Watched Pot (Dublin, The Abbey, Peacock Stage, 1930); The Things That are Caesar’s (Dublin, The Abbey Theatre, 1932); Coggerers (The Abbey Theatre, 1937 [later renamed The Conspirators]); Shadow and Substance (The Abbey Theatre, 1937), which was the winner of the Casement Award and the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award; The White Steed (1939), rejected by Abbey and premiered in New York, where it won Drama Critics’s Circle Award; Kindred (Abbey 1939, rev. as The Secret Kindred); The Strings My Lord Are False (1942); The Old Foolishness (1944); The Wise Have Not Spoken (1944); and The Chuckeyhead Story (Bournemouth, Pavilion, 1950), revised as The Devil Came from Dublin (New York, John Drew Memorial Theatre, 1951).

His screenplays include Saints and Sinners (London, Alexander Korda, 1949).

His published works include Things that Are Caesar’s (London, Rich & Cowan 1934); Shadow and Substance: A Play in Four Acts (New York, Random House 1937/ London, Macmillan 1938); Plays for Children (New York, Messner, 1939); The White Steed and Coggerers (New York, Random House 1939); The Old Foolishness (London, Samuel French, 1944); Three Plays: The White Steed, Things That Are Caesar’s, and The Strings, My Lord, are False (London, Macmillan 1944); Conspirators (London, Samuel French 1944); The Wise Have Not Spoken (Samuel French 1947); The Wayward Saint (New York, Dramatist Play Service, 1955); Irish Stories and Plays (1956); Farewell to Greatness (Edited by Robert Hogan, Proscenium, 1966); and Goodbye to the Summer (Proscenium 1970).

He settled in Kent, UK, in the 1940s and died there in 1968.

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